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June 12, 2019
SolarPanelStock folders distributed at SNEC 2019 PV POWER EXPO

The SPS team visited this largest PV expo in the world to promote the SolarPanelStock system by distributing a folder among all panel suppliers.
The folder can be downloaded here: Chinese / English

June 10, 2019
New panel types added to SolarPanelStock

On request of some suppliers, the following panel types have been added:

* Street light
* Window glass
* Customized – see examples at icome solar

May 30, 2019

SolarPanelStock promoted at SNEC 2019 PV POWER EXPO – June 3-6

April 24, 2019, 2018
SPS press article on PV Magazine Global edition – Supplier directory added to SolarPanelStock

January 31, 2019
Free trial period extended to January 1, 2020
In order to let ‘everybody’ try SolarPanelStock, the free trial period has been extended to January 1, 2020, also for all suppliers already registered.
Although this type of informational websites will take some time to get fully operational, we are sure that SolarPanelStock will become a very useful directory and search engine.

January 2 , 2018
SPS promo video 2 (including Directory)

November 14, 2019
SPS Directory active
The SolarPanelStock Directory is now active. The Directory will list suppliers with stock per region and will show their company information. An extra way for suppliers to promote their company.

October 14, 2018
SPS promo video

October 4, 2018
SPS press article on PV Magazine China edition

September 20, 2018
SPS press article on PV Magazine USA edition

September 10, 2018
SPS press article on PV Magazine Global edition

September 10, 2018
SPS press article on Solar Magazine (The Netherlands)

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