Solar Panel Stock


For suppliers: Open/download the supplier user guide.

How to search for a panel?

1. Go to to the homepage of

2. The empty search screen appears:

3. You have to fill in at least the panel type(s) and the region of your search, the other fields can remain empty.  In the example below, all fields are filled in. When searching for a specific brand, the full name or part of the name can be filled in.

If you’re not sure to which region a specific country belongs or you want to know all the countries in a specific region, you can click the link ‘Countries by region‘ or ‘Regions by country‘ above the Search button.

4. When clicking the Search button, the system will execute your query and will show the search result screen with the available suppliers, like the following:

5. Now you can click a supplier in the list to see the supplier, panel and stock details:

6. To view the data sheet of the specified panel, click ‘DS’ in the Data Sheet column.

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